Tips for Choosing the Perfect Designer Handbags

When it comes to fashion, women are generally fanatic about designer and stylish handbags, no matter how many of them they already have in their wardrobes. The obsession over designer bags can be seen in women of all age groups.

Today, various designs, style, size, of womens handbags are being sold online. You can easily visit the online stores, check out their collections in their product catalogues, read the specifications closely, and then make your purchases instantly. In a matter of just two or three days, your new handbag will be smiling at you on your doorsteps.

In this article we give you some tips and suggestions that will help you choose the right handbag:

Top quality bag

If you are planning to buy just one handbag, then it is important that you go for the one that goes well all your dress types. The design and colours should serve the purpose on all your occasions, be it a party or a journey. No matter where you carry it, it should make you look stylish and graceful.

Go for leather

Leather is considered to be the best material for handbags. It looks great with time. Leather bags are a good investment, because of their durability and timeless beauty. They will be with you for years to come, and never go out of fashion.

Choose a neutral colour

Colour of your handbag is also a very important factor to be considered while making a purchase. Choose neutral colours like nude, black or grey. It should match with your personality, and most of your wardrobe dresses. These colours go well with all kinds of clothing, regardless of what you wear.


It is always recommended to go for a structural shape handbag, as it does not wear and tear easily. Besides, it will compliment your personality and be a lot more practical. A structural handbag lasts longer than linear, organic and geometric styled ones.

Avoid large logos

If you are investing on just one bag, then do not go for something that is trending at the moment. It is best that you opt for a statement piece from a reputed brand. Do not buy the ones that have large logos on them. By keeping it subtle and simple, you can make sure that it stands through the test of time.

Minimal hardware

Handbags with elaborate hardware and intricate details are the newest trend. These kinds of bags are good for making a style statement, but not a great option for daily use. When it comes to hardware, try to keep it as minimal as possible. You do not have to deal with chain detach or falling of a stud that will ruin the whole look of your handbag. Keep it as simple as you can. Simplicity is the best eye catcher of all times.


This is the most important factor. What do you want the handbag for? Do you need it to carry everyday to work or for special occasions, to the gym, etc? Based on its usage, figure out how many compartments you need to carry your belongings and essential accessories. No matter how good a handbag looks, if it doesn’t serve the purpose, it is completely useless.